Beyond Burger Review

Beyond Burger Review

The Beyond Burger Featured

The Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat

The Beyond Burger
Image courtesy of Beyond Meat.

I have been waiting for some time to not only eat this veggie based burger, but to give you my honest opinion of it. I have been following the Beyond Meat brand for some time, and have been a big fan of their products with a line of ‘chicken’ strips, ‘beef’ crumbles, ‘burger’ patties, and other frozen concoctions. Their first product, the BEAST BURGER, was all but a ‘beast’. It is a great veggie burger, but lacked the juiciness, and the true mouthfill and texture of ground beef.  It also lacked that aroma of grilled beef as well.Many vegans are turned off by the veggie patties that are trying to mimic the true texture of beef, but like I have said in previous posts, I still like to eat those things that remind me of food that I grew up eating…without the guilt.  So when this ‘burger’ appeared on the market, I was excited!  Currently, It is only offered at the Whole Foods in my town.  However, others may find it here:

  • Dillons Food Stores
  • Kroger
  • Ralphs
  • QFC-Quality Food Centers
  • FredMeyer
  • KING Soopers
  • Albertsons
  • Vons
  • Safewat
  • Haggen
  • Pavillions
  • Carrs
  • and more

Follow the ‘more’ link above to see specific locations of each store.It was also recently announced this burger would be going on the menu of TGI Friday’s Nationwide!  Too bad they recently closed-up the location here where I reside.  But…that’s O.K., I have a family member that works for a food distributor, and he got me a whole case of the bad-boys at Christmas.  We had a family cook-off and grill session during the holidays and I have over a 1/2 case left after we all had seconds!  So last night, after a long weekend and eating nothing but salad and banana bread, I decided to cook up a few of these tasty bastards for dinner and a few left over for lunch this week.So here we go!Since I received these in a food distributor box, I did not have the product in its original store packaging.  I also forgot to take a pic of the patties before I started cooking them up.  So I do not have a sexy shot for you.  But I did find this pic out there  for you…

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

Look at them sexy bastards!  Looks like two raw beef patties doesn’t it?  They have the look down…I tell you that.  These things are sticky!  So sticky, in fact, that they come packaged with a bit of parchment paper to provide a way to  assist in removing them from the packaging.Once you get these sexy mo-fos out of the package, I suggest you season them up with simply some salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you prefer.  I like a bit of Garlic Powder and Onion Powder on mine.  Sidenote:  many people say they do not like the smell of this patty….that it smells a bit like cat food?  I don’t know about all that…but It does have a strong odor of coconut and something that I can not put my finger on…but does have a smoky, raw, similar scent.  This smell goes away once they are cooking and starting to sear up.You can cook these as you please.  The best method, of course, is to grill these up.  Because this thing will cook a lot quicker than a typical beef burger, make sure you have your grill nice and hot, and oil the rack before you place these down.  They will stick!I was without a grill last night, so I prepared these the second best way, in a cast iron skillet!  These patties have plenty of oil, in the form of coconut oil.  I got that cast iron skillet as hot as a kerosene cat in hell with gasoline drawers on!  I let the bastards sear on each side for about 1.5 minutes and then placed them in a 350° oven for about 8-10 minutes, checking to make sure they were cooked to a medium rare.If you cook these things too much, you lose a lot of the oils that lends this burger to being a juicier version of it’s counterparts. Over cooking results in a chewy, but not so flavorful version similar to the other veggie patties on the market..so WATCH IT…and don’t over do it.Here is the result after removing from the over, and drying it off a bit for presentation.I wasn’t in the mood for a full on burger with all the fixins, so I prepared me a spring salad tossed with my favorite homemade Ranch dressing, Follow your Heart Cheese, and seasoned tortilla strips and laid my patty right smack dab in the middle of it.This made for a great alternative to a burger, since I am trying to cut down on the ole carbs right now anyway!  I made the mistake and left these guys sitting in the hot skillet too long, and I did just as I told you not to do just a few paragraphs back..and I think I may have overcooked it!  i should have removed them from the skillet and let them rest.  UGHHHH!However, after taking the first bite, I was pleasantly surprised to find a patty that had a nice crispy sear on the outside, and a tender juicy center with plenty of flavor and texture.  Somehow I pulled off a miracle and It was delicious!  Just what I was craving.Try it with some Bar-B-Que sauce too!  I ended up eating the entire salad before I was finished with the patty and found some Jack Daniels sauce in the fridge and finished it up with some of that.  AWESOME!So…the Nutrition Facts:Serving Size is 1 patty, 4oz.

  • Calories 290
  • Total Fat 22g!
  • Saturated Fat 5g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 450mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 6g!
  • Dietary Fiber 3g
  • Sugars 0g
  • Protein 20g!

It also provides 90% daily value of VitC, 10% Calcium, and 25% Iron!Comparing this to traditional, raw, unseasoned beef (80/20):

The Beyond Burger--VS--Animal-Based Beef
25%IRON (DV)12%
Not Bad huh? Yeah…it’s got the same amount of fat and calories as the regular beef burger…but, no animals were harmed in the making of this burger! The weight of all that guilt being lifted is justifiable, in my opinion. Give it a try. You will love it! Heck, TGI Fridays loved it so much they added it to their menu!Get the: VegBuilt – Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrient Analysis Tool:

The Beyond Burger























9 Responses

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  2. Phil R. says:

    Great review. We too were excited to find these finally available on the EC. We just grill them. Our only complaint is something that is going to cause us to stop eating them. AFTERTASTE! About an hour after eating these Beyond burgers you will develop a weird taste. Lasts about a day and half. Yuck

  3. Erna Robertson says:

    Just tried the beyond burger. All of the greasy, grisly aspect of meat, none of the flavour. I much prefer a mushroom based burger or a home made beet burger. And the Chemical after taste was there right after eating. I hope it goes away soon. I won’t be having these again!

    • jdean6520 says:

      Erna. I have heard many comments like yours. I just recently picked up the new, 2.0 version from the store yesterday and will be trying it soon. Beyond claims to have re-evaluated their recipe and the packaging even claims a more meaty flavor, and more juicy with the addition of “marbling”. It does appear, at first sight, to be more visually, like ground beef. I will definitely post an ‘update’ to this post soon.

    • Susan Cyr says:

      I love veggie burgers but these are disgusting

  4. […] from the addition of the coconut oil. This is similar to what I experience while preparing the Beyond Burger in a frying pan instead of […]

  5. Keith Walsh says:

    I really enjoyed mine. A healthy alternative to actual beef. Got them at Costco on sale. They had a whole fridge section to them, 8 on sale for about $10. I’m not sure i that sale ended. Fried them up in a pan.

  6. Michelle says:

    Expensive, greasy and smell like cat food.

    As a vegan who can’t get them in the country I currently live in, I was dying to get back to the U.S. to try them. What a disappointment as the disgusting cat food smell was enough to put anyone off. Then, like someone else said, the icky aftertaste. Yuk.

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