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Dr. McDougall’s Root Veg with Kale Soup Review

Dr. McDougall’s Root Veggie with Kale Soup!  Food made by a doctor?  Hell…it’s got to be good, huh?  I’m not sure why so many other doctors are not owners, C.E.O.s, C.T.O.s, H.B.O.s, D.T.O.s…or any other acronym ending in “O”. Wasn’t it Hippocrates himself that said, He was right.  and so is Dr. McDougall!  Honsetly, more…
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Red Robin Veggie Burger Review

So!  Did you know that Red Robin offered a veggie burger?  Sho Nuf!  Back in the day, like for the past couple of years, they offered a vegetarian and vegan patty.  The Garden patty and the Boca patty.  The Garden burger had egg and was therefore not vegan.  The Boca Vegan Veggie Burger has been…
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