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Jamie’s Vegan ‘Fish’ Cakes

“Vegan fish cakes? How in the hell is that even a thing?” you may ask. Well…it’s pretty simple. Simply add some fishy smelling stuff to some other stuff and “voila”!
Actually, there is more to it than that, but I will make this simple enough that you can make these up tonight if you want to.

Sometimes, I crave a fishy, tender, fried, patty-like meal with some creamy home-made Tatar sauce and a side of coleslaw. I decided to make this up last week, and grabbed all the ingredients on the way home and decided to share with you. Enjoy!

Plant Pure Tuscan Pesto Pasta Featured

Plant Pure® Pesto Pasta Review

Tuscan Pesto Pasta from the same guys that brought you the documentary (currently on Netflix and Youtube), ‘Plant Pure Nation‘! Sorry…It has been awhile since I posted a new review.  I got busy the week before last and really didn’t eat anything worth writing about.  But today I think I shall fill you in on…
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Jamie’s Homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing

Jamie’s Homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing.  Who in the south does not like Ranch Dressing?  That creamy, garlic, onion flavored goo is awesome on salads, BBQ wings, and Buffalo Wings (vegan of course).  Fantastic as a dip for chips, celery, carrots, and poured all over your ice cream!  I was joking about that last part, but…
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