Red Robin Veggie Burger Review

Red Robin Veggie Burger Review

So!  Did you know that Red Robin offered a veggie burger?  Sho Nuf!  Back in the day, like for the past couple of years, they offered a vegetarian and vegan patty.  The Garden patty and the Boca patty.  The Garden burger had egg and was therefore not vegan.  The Boca Vegan Veggie Burger has been ye ole staple of burger patty for many years.  It’s not bad, but because it was one that vegans always turned to as a bring along to any cookout, one tends to get burned out on it very quickly.  Besides, one can go to any grocery store and pick up a 12 pack and all the fixings for what Red Robin wanted for the one on their menu.  I have…so many times before, found myself shopping at the local outdoor mall and wanted to grab something to eat before leaving.  The only place, really, is the Red Robin in our particular outdoor mall.  I have ordered it many a time, and every time was disappointed due to the lack of cooking it through.  It was often still cold in the middle.  They obviously kept those things in the freezer and only pulled them out when we came in to eat!  I kept going back again and again for those bottomless fries and forcing myself to overpay for a barely thawed veggie burger!  Ughhh.

However, today, Red Robin has redeemed themselves!  Introducing the all NEW veggie burger!

This patty is unlike anything I have ever had before.  It is house-made, and never frozen.   Their menu says it is composed of ancient-grain-and-quinoa.  It also has peppers, corn, onion and beans! Not sure why they don’t list those ingredients on the menu.  It is delicious. There are plenty of other versions of meatless burger patties out there.  Some actually mimic the texture of meat so well that it freaks me out.  Red Robin decided to go with a patty that does not imitate something it is not.  It is not as firm as other meatless patties.  It is not as chewy.  It does not “bleed”.  It is simply a delicious concoction of grains, herbs, and veggies that satisfies one’s hunger.  No need for all the other stuff! It reminds me of a fresh homemade potato pancake with veggies.  It has that type of mouthfeel and texture.

As far as ordering it straight off the menu…DON’T DO IT!  Just like so many other establishments, they think they only way these things will sell is to smother it in cheese and other non vegan toppings.  As you can see from the menu description, it comes “piled high with Swiss cheese and lightly fried, Parmesan-sprinkled mushrooms”.  I appreciate them adding that little notification below it; Make it vegan! Our vegan veggie patty comes with fresh tomato bruschetta salsa, avocado slices and shredded romaine wrapped in a lettuce bun. Served with bottomless broccoli.”

No need to leave off the regular whole wheat bun, its vegan…so is the chibatta.  So many times, I have seen establishments like this actually assume that vegan means gluten-free as well.  Maybe that is why they offer it up on the lettuce “bun”.  Crazy!   So order it leaving off the shrooms and cheese.  Or, you can do as I did, and order the patty alone and ask for lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion on the wheat bun.  Im sure that ordering the way I did also brings the calorie count down from 1200 to probably around half.  Ill have to figure that one out.

So, next time you are out and about and decide to stop into a Red Robin, try this bad boy out.  I’m pretty sure you will not be disappointed.

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  1. JAVHD Movies says:

    Interesting Post! thanks!

    • Matt says:

      I dislike the taste of these burgers. I want it to taste like a burger, not something from an actual vegatarian restaurant. I actually don’t really go to red Robin on the single basis that I think the burger tastes bad. I even asked them to cook it like a normal burger and it still tastes bad.

  2. Rich says:

    Sorry, these vegie pattys are gross- something about having corn and other vegies hiding in a burger is gross. Its more meat looking than the others. The garden/boca burger are sold everywhere and are very popular so not sure why RR would get rid of the CHOICE is why we do not go there any more.

    • jdean6520 says:

      Good Morning, Rich!
      Thanks for your comments. All comments are welcome. Even though I do not agree with you, each person is entitled to his opinion. I personally enjoy the veggie patty, as I so described in my review. I also miss the Boca burger as well. I believe they got rid of Boca due to the fact that it was not ordered enough and having to keep them frozen was a burden. I have also had to send back nearly every burger because the center of the summabitch was still ice cold in the middle. That shit would piss Gordon Ramsey off like no ones business. He would be slamming shit around in his kitchen. I presume that is another reason they got rid of it.

      I have spoken to management about taking on the Beyond Burger and/or the Impossible Burger. Farm Burger has the Impossible to offer and they do well with it. Let’s hope RR changes their mind and offers another option for the Veg-Heads.

  3. Dolf says:

    Agree 100%. Just had this and it was great. One of the best veggie burgers I’ve had. That negative poster is crazy. I’d much rather have a custom creation over something I can buy at Kroger. I’m a new vegetarian and these are the kinds of things I need to keep me on track.

  4. Susannah says:

    I haven’t been back to Red Robin since I tried this disgusting, miserable excuse for a veggie burger. It is gross! The fact that it has corn in it is disturbing. I wish they would bring back the Boca patty. It never let me down and I never had the experience of it being cold in the middle.

    • jdean6520 says:

      Susannah, you are entitled to your own opinion. Personally, I find the Boca to be too dry and tasteless. As Dolf mentions as well, why pay for something you can make yourself at home. I really enjoy the burger. I do, however, wish they would add the Impossible or Beyond Meat burger to the menu as options.

    • Ann says:

      your weird. all pissed off over a burger.

  5. Dolf says:

    Still standing by my review of a few months ago! I’ve had several since then and it remains my favorite restaurant veggie burger. I like “ancient grains” being used as the foundation than something like black beans! (I HATE Blackbean burgers.)

  6. Dolf says:

    BIG NEWS for Red Robin goers… 😉 I’m hoping this is not a replacement and just an additional burger. #ImpossibleBurger https://table.skift.com/2019/03/25/impossible-foods-lands-another-restaurant-chain-partner/

    • jdean6520 says:

      That’s not bad! I love the Impossible Burger! We have a few places here that prepare it…but they always add either cheese or other non vegan toppings!

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