Pure Farmland Plant Based Breakfast Patties

Pure Farmland Plant Based Breakfast Patties

Well…it has been quite some time since I have posted. I have been really busy with my day-to-day and have been slacking in keeping up with the site. I haven’t really had anything new to discuss, eating the same thing mostly. However, this past few weeks I have found many new products that I have never tried, and didn’t know existed until recently. This one, the Breakfast Patties from Pure Farmland was a surprise find at the local Publix this past weekend. Having tried the Gardein Patties, Morning Star Patties, Gimme Lean, etc…it was finally nice to see something new in the market. I must say…it is getting more and more easy to find these plant-based “meats” and I can only imagine it is going to become more mainstay.

So…I present to you today, the new Plant-Based Breakfast Sausage Patties from Pure Farmland. And man…are they freaking delicious! Now…there is a caveat to this post, unfortunately. I did not do my research beforehand…and just discovered today, as I am writing this post, that this product comes from the One-and-Only, Smithfield Foods Company…you know…the guys that just paid out a shit-ton of money to those poor people that had to live next-door to the pig-slaughtering farm that sprayed shit and piss all over their schools, homes, and businesses! YES! Those guys are now in the freaking plant-based food market. DAMNIT! I’m conflicted as hell. With other companies like Tyson getting into plant based foods, McDonald serving PLT (Plant Lettuce and Tomato) Burgers, Burger King with their Impossible Whopper, I get they just want in on that golden, plant-based, money-making, machine of inevitable change. This is good for us vegetarian/vegans…but my mind goes back to this when I think of Smithfields:

So! Having said all this. Not sure how I feel. I want to continue to support the plant-based alternatives but having a hard-time dealing with the fact that these companies continue to abuse animals for the “main-stream” product lines.

What do you think? I’m not the only one that feels this way, surely:

The New Makers of Plant-Based Meat? Big Meat Companies


The unlikely partnership that might decide the future of meat


So now..on to the review of the actual product.

These breakfast patties come in two varieties, Savory Original (pictured here throughout the review) or Maple, which Pure claims is made using real maple syrup. At the time I found these at the market, they were only carrying the Savory version. I see that Publix carries both now. I’m sure I will prefer the savory over the maple anyway.

Packaging is a bit clunky, coming in a compartmentalized tray instead of the plastic roll like the Gimme Lean sausage. Pure says that the packaging is made from 50% recycled materials. That’s Great!

Instructions say that microwaving is NOT RECOMMENDED. I wasn’t planning on that method of preparing anyway. Good ole frying in the skillet is always my go-to method of preparing these bastards.

Here are a couple of close up views of the patties as I am frying them up.

One thing I will suggest is to go lite on the oil when initially setting out to heating these things up. As you can see in the pic above, these things “sweat” out a lot of oil themselves. Noticing this…I checked the ingredients again and notice it contains both coconut oil and canola oil. I assume that the over abundance of oil while cooking is coming from the addition of the coconut oil. This is similar to what I experience while preparing the Beyond Burger in a frying pan instead of grilling.

Here is what it will look like after about about 10-12 minutes of cooking and flipping.


I removed them from the pan and placed back into the tray (handy serving platform afterall).

So..this is where I get a bit more creative. Not really in to just eating a plain ole sausage patty this morning. I have some Annie’s Flaky Biscuits in the fridge.

So I throw these into the oven, and while those are baking up, I pour me out some Just Egg (review coming soon) to make me a nice size omelet to fold up and put on them biscuits along with the sausage to make me a breakfast sammich!

Just Egg omlete

Once the “egg” omelet and biscuits are done..I commence to building me my sammich.

There you go! Breakfast done!

So how about them nutes?

  • Calories 90
  • Total Fat 7g
  • Saturated Fat 4.5g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 180mg!
  • Total Carbohydrates 3g!
  • Dietary Fiber 1g
  • Sugars 1g
  • Protein 5g!

Overall, this is a great product. Flavor is great…although I ended up adding some paprika and more black pepper to my second serving. I like them a bit more spicy. The mouth feel was very similar to what I got with the Beyond Meat burgers. It really did have the texture and chewiness of a sausage patty (from what I can remember).

I just wish it was made by a different company. DAMNIT! Like I said, I am conflicted. I personally have a hard time supporting a company that is so NASTY. But on a positive note, companies like this and others like Tyson, Nestle, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. that normally produce meat products are beginning to offer plant-based alternatives, will only foster competitions from start-ups to produce a strictly plant-based menu of items to satisfy without having the negative media floating around in the consumers’ mind while eatin the damn thing. That is my wish.


Pure Farmland Plant Based Breakfast Patties



















  • Tastes Like Real Sausage
  • Great Substitute
  • Great Mouthfeel
  • Low in sugar
  • Low in carbs


  • Made by Smithfield Farms
  • Bulky product packaging
  • Needs additional flavoring


10 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    I think you have been a vegetarian way too long. These breakfast patties are simply TERRIBLE.

    • Felipe says:

      I agree. Also, the whole kitchen and everything else that touched those patties smells really bad. Never again.

  2. Matt says:

    I agree absolutely Horrible. Plus the I bought this morning have twice as many ingredients as the picture you posted.

  3. Molly Levine says:

    I think they’re AMAZING! I served this sausage as well as scrapple that I made from the sausage and some grits, and my VERY non-vegan family assured me that they couldn’t tell the difference from the pork stuff they usually eat!

  4. Beth K. says:

    Thank you for your review! I wish I had seen it sooner. Like you, I saw a new item that didn’t contain palm oil and bought immediately. Knowing they’re from Smithfield? It will be my only purchase.
    Looking forward to trying them, though! What kind of pan do you use for your Just Egg? Immune stick!

  5. Pamela Mading says:

    Just tried the first from the package.

    Awful…tastes like ground cardboard with spices.

    Threw the remainder in the garbage.

    Waste of money.

  6. Mini says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years and honestly just tried these. They tasted so fricken bad I had to toss it. I gave it to my dog since the ingredients are dog friendly. It was very grainy like old gum when it dissolves in your mouth and it was sour and nasty. The flavor was not savoury at all.

  7. David R. Moran says:

    the link form is gruesome
    the taste is bland and uninteresting and little offputting, but if you spice it up, if you sauce it up (hot tomato, e.g.), it helps
    what is most unappealing is the mealy texture
    whatever it makes up in alleged health is offset by the sodium bomb and saturated fat

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