Plant Pure® Pesto Pasta Review

Plant Pure® Pesto Pasta Review

Plant Pure Tuscan Pesto Pasta Featured

Tuscan Pesto Pasta from the same guys that brought you the documentary (currently on Netflix and Youtube), ‘Plant Pure Nation‘!

Sorry…It has been awhile since I posted a new review.  I got busy the week before last and really didn’t eat anything worth writing about.  But today I think I shall fill you in on one item I devoured last Friday.

As I was getting ready to grab my spot in the ’10 items or less’ express checkout lane behind the woman with 30+ items in her cart, I turned around to find a treasure trove of Plant Pure frozen meals in a display behind me!  I had never seen them before, but I recognized the Plant Pure logo from the documentary a group that I belonged screened a the local library recently and a cookbook I found at Barnes and Noble.   There was a Chana Masala, a Garden Sesame Noodle, and the Tuscan Pesto Pasta (they make other varieties.  My local Publix store, however, does not carry them yet).  I was not aware that it was vegan until I looked at the ingredients and noticed it did not contain a cheese based pesto.  This is going to be interesting!

So I grabbed a couple to take to work for lunch.  I have been on a low-carb diet for a couple of weeks…and I was craving a bit of pasta.  Not only would this satisfy my craving…but it would also lower the amount of frustration I have shown towards my co-workers as well.  I know they would appreciate it if I consumed this pasta and calmed the hell down.  You know how them carb-cravings can get you sometimes!

Firstly, I love pesto or ‘cream’ based sauces on my pastas.  I prefer the creamy over the tomato-y.  I worked at an Italian restaurant for some time and loved their Alfredo.  So it goes to reason that I would grab these up!  “A creamy pesto sauce loaded with carrots, peppers, peas, and zucchini over whole grain fettuccine”!    I’m in!

So at the end of the week, I popped one of these into the ‘wave at work and watched some funny cat videos on my phone as I waited.  As usual, the instructions were not very precise for a 1200W microwave.  I had to triple the time to get the damn thing even thawed out, let alone cooked!  The first time around…I noticed there was a lot of water left in the bottom of the tray.  However, after heating again for much longer, the water and the starches got together to create a thick sauce baby.  Either that or it evaporated.  I like to think a sauce baby was made.

I dumped this medley of veggies, pasta, and sauce into a bowl and was impressed by the portion size.  Just Right!

Not too much…not to little.  Just freaking right!

One thing I was disappointed in however, was the fact that the description on the front of the packaging was a wee-bit off in the measure of one particular veggie…


Loaded my ass!  Here is the one and only zucchini I found in my bowl:

But you know what?  I don’t really care to be honest with you.  After tasting the sole zucchini, I am glad I only found one.  Frozen and thawed zucchini is nasty!

However, the amount of peas, carrots and peppers was just right.  The pesto was darn good too!  I have made pesto using only basil, pine nuts, salt, pepper and oil. However, while eating this, I notice that they “use no added oils”.  This was a pleasant surprise.  I have noticed when I make my own pesto and use it on my pasta…most of the pesto ends up in the bottom of the bowl and not really sticking to the noodles.  So….there-you-go!

I went on to consume the entire bowl and was left wanting some more.  I know I didn’t need more, but I really dug the pesto flavor.  I freaking love PESTO!  Did I already say that?

Now onto the ‘nutes’:

Calories: 340
Total Fat: 7g
Saturated Fat: 1.5g
Trans Fat: 0g!
Cholesterol: 0mg!
Sodium: 460mg!  (Not to bad!)
Total Carbohydrates: 56g (Whoops!  That should last me a couple of days!)
Fiber: 3g
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 13g

VitD, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium (6%-20% DV)

Now check out them ingredients;  Whole Plant Based ingredients, ‘modest amounts’ of salt and sugar, and no nasty preservatives!  I will definitely buy this again, and will try the other varieties these guys produce and let you know what I think of those as well.

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