Lightlife Smoky Tempeh Strips Review

Lightlife Smoky Tempeh Strips Review

Lightlife Smoky Tempeh strips.  Love-em!

“Another Lightlife review?”, you ask.  Yeah!  They make good stuff!  Last night, Kristie and I were feeling like a “BLT”, in this case…a “TLTA” (tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and avocado).  Not only was I craving something smoky, but I was in the mood for a sammich with some avocado, hence the idea for the TLTA.  We just happened to have this version of Lightlife in the fridge and I almost came to tears when I found it under some other cold-cut style slices!

These smoky bastards are bold in flavor, and covered in some sticky sweet sauce to tingle the taste-buds. Made with cultured organic soybeans, brown rice, and some dang good spices, the strips go well on a sandwich or can be eaten alone. I have previous wrapped these in a tortilla with some lettuce and homemade ranch dressing and that was freaking amazing as well.  But tonight, the ole Dave’s Killer Bread was gonna get some love.

What I love about this product, besides the taste, is the ease of preparation.

  1. Open up the package
  2. (and this is my preferred method) Break them mutthas in half, ’cause they gonna break when you flip em anyway.
  3. Get you a skillet, or a flat pan like I use, and spray a lil oil on there.
  4. Put the heat to it
  5. Place tempeh on pan
  6. Cook for ~ 3-4 minutes, flip and repeat.
  7. Make your sammich

I simply constructed this using my favorite bread, Dave’s Killer bread, Good Seed, toasted!  Smear on a generous portion of Just Mayo®, or your favorite vegan mayo. Slice up a mater, and tear off some iceberg (even though I prefer romaine…but people have been gettin sick all over eating that mess, so I left that stuff alone this time).

Look how good this thing looks all put together!

Added me some Kettle Brand Jalapeno chips and a Bubbies pickle!

As far as Nutritional Facts are concerned…check it out:

4 Slices per serving…I was able to get about 4.5 after splitting it with the wife.  I think they threw 1 extra slice up in my package  Wooo Hooo!

  • 140 Calories
  • 5g Fat
  • 1g Saturated fat
  • 0mg Cholesterol
  • 650mg Sodium
  • 190mg Potassium
  • 10g Carbohydrates
  • 5g Fiber
  • 2g Sugar
  • 12g Protien!  <—-That’s not to shabby!

Love it!  Love it!  Love it!  Will definitely use this again when I’m craving a BLT or TLTA!

Get the: VegBuilt – Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrient Analysis Tool:

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  1. Jen says:

    Yeah just made a sammich with this and I agree, it’s great! I think I may make it again
    tonight, add it to the liver with onions! No, I am not vegan, but I think bacon is hard on
    my digestion. I like this better anyway!

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