Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Noodle Bowl Review

Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Noodle Bowl Review

Good Ole, Annie Chun’s! Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Noodle Bowl, to be exact.

I just got out of a meeting at work, and on the way back to my office, heard the announcement that Taco Momma® was now serving in our break-room.  I thought about it for…like a second…and remembered the last time I paid a visit to them upstairs, I got screwed!  Being vegan, I left off the beef or chicken, left off the shredded cheese, left off the melted cheese (queso), and left off the sour cream.  I opted for simple tortilla chips topped with a handful of black beans, about a dozen jalapeno, and a small 2 oz cup of salsa.  $11 + tip!  NOPE!

So I skipped on down to my office and went through my ‘snack’ drawer and found a bowl of Annie Chun’s.  YAAAAAY!

I had picked up this bowl one day a few weeks ago while I was out shopping at Earth Fare, if my memory serves me well, and I had totally forgotten about it.  I have had some of Annie Chun’s other bowls, but this is my first time trying the Pad Thai version.

Looks so delicious on the front huh?  Look at all them carrots, and what appears to be some baby bok choy!  Well…not to fast!

Check out what you get:

  • 1 Bag of precooked, shrink-wrapped noodles
  • 1 Packet of Pad Thai sauce
  • 1 Packet of toppings?
  • 1 Packet of chopped peanuts

Where that bok choy at?  Where them carrots?  Guess they up in this lil packet of “toppings”.

Oh well.  Let’s try this anyway.

So I tore open the box and took off down the hallway towards the kitchen to prepare my bowl.  I left the directions in the trash can in my office!  OH NO!   I had no reason to worry, them noodles are pre-cooked, and there’s this little line on the bowl that I assumed was the water fill line.  You see them on every noodle bowl, right?

I proceeded to rip into them noodles, dropped them into the bowl, filled it up to that line with some hot water, tear open the packet of that thick delicious pad thai goop, and I throw this summa bitch in the microwave for 90 seconds!

As I am waiting on my lovely noodles to heat up, I start attempting to do my best Muay Thai style moves in the break room (no one else was around…thank goodness), and I can only imagine that my moves looked a lot like this guy’s:

Then the ‘ding-a-ling-a-ling’ of the magic cooking box goes off. I grab my bowl and run back to my office before someone stops to talk to me (it always happens unless I am running). I sit down at my desk, pop off the top and….It’s some noodles floating in a bath of dirty water.

UGH!  I must have done something wrong!  I realize then that the line I had filled the bowl too was not a “fill line”!

I fetch the directions out of the trash and take a looksie!  Yup…it also reads, in ENGRISH, to put 1/4 cup of water, and to “ignore the soup only water line on bowl”!  Ha Ha Ha!  I screwed up!  Them nachos ain’t looking so bad right about now.

So I tear open the packet of peanuts and the toppings and dump them in there. The veggie “toppings” looked like dried up pieces of seaweed and those little things they tried to sell us as kids…ummm…


See the source imageSee the source image

Yup.  Just like that.

I placed the top back on the bowl and left it for a few minutes, thinking the water would re-hydrate the veggies and thicken up them noodles somehow.  Well after about 2 minutes, here is the result:

What I should have done (which is also mentioned on the directions) is to fill with hot water to the line, let it stand for 2 minutes, drain hot water…then add sauce and other ingredients!

Oh well…next time, perhaps.

It smells good!  The veggies are almost invisible.  I am still looking for them carrots and other stuff.  So I go back to the box and see this on the bottom:

Gotcha!  I need to add my own stuff to this to make it delicious, huh?  O.K.  Maybe next time I have some fresh chopped carrots and fresh lime wedges laying around in my desk, I’ll have to remember that!

While I am on the back, let’s take a look at the Nutrition Facts.

  • 9g of fat…O.K.
  • 0mg Cholesterol…WHOOO HOOO!
  • 88g carbs…WHAT?  Most of that is added sugars (21g)!
  • 15g protein…Not Bad.
  • VitD, Calcium, and Potassium
  • 830mg sodium…UH OH!  There goes my Blood Pressure!

Even after reading all these facts, I hate to say this…but I ended up eating the entire thing.

I slurped up all the water and goo… everything!  It was not bad!  I actually liked the flavoring.  Not too spicy.  The packaging referred to it as mild, but I wouldn’t even put it there.  It has more of a sweet and sour profile.  The noodles were still al dente, just like I like em! The peanuts added a great crunchiness this bowl needed (love me some tortilla soup with them crunchy bastards floating around in there).  You could tell that them toppings were in fact, veggies.  They did re-hydrate a bit so they didn’t look so much like dried up shrimps.  I did find some small, minute, orange bits which I assume were the carrots?  I just wished they had a lot more of it!

In all, not a bad lunch.  I wish I would have read the directions correctly and had more of a sticky noodle bowl instead of a soup.  Don’t get me wrong, this stuff could pass as a soup of sorts.  I just don’t think Annie was going for that when she made this thing up.

So, in conclusion, I think I will try this thing again and make it correctly.  So don’t let my screw up deter you from sum Annie Chun’s!

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6 Responses

  1. Cindy Janes says:

    Great review…I would throw in a bunch of spinach and make two meals…love the portability…

  2. DONNA CAIN says:

    Good review… really made me feel like I was following along with you, the ingredients observation, and the pics were good enough to make me want one…. Everybody else on this trip with me? Time to eat!!!!

  3. Tboa says:

    Sorry, but profoundly disagree. This was sour and tangy in truly inedible way. It also tasted nothing like any pad Thai I’ve ever consumed. In my opinion it didn’t taste like food. I tossed out all the broth/sauce bs after a few bites, rinsed the noodles and had to make my own base.

  4. Jill Hassing says:

    I added Thai seasoned chicken and broccoli and shared with my mom. Loved the slightly sweet and sour flavor and the peanuts. It was delicious!

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