My Story

My name is Jamie.  I am a vegan.

I’m the one on the right. The beautiful red head is my wife, Kristie. She is also vegan. She was vegetarian long before I ever was. Living the vegan lifestyle is much more easy if your significant other is also dedicated and understanding. I am very lucky to have a woman stand next to me and share the same beliefs. Her dedication to learning as much as she can about being vegan with me makes it all fun and exciting. Her ability to take those comfort foods we both grew up eating and recreate them making them vegan is fantastic! She surprises me every time she prepare a new dinner!

We have four (4) cats Five (5) cats (from top left to bottom right); Smokey, Bandit, Sloopy, Gypsy and Gidget.  They are all rescues…and they are awesome!

Our Kitties

I also have a Chihuahua names Aesop, but we call him, “Soppy”.  He now lives with his mother in New Mexico.

I am from North Alabama.  Being vegan in the south is hard.  Everything fresh is prepared ‘southern-style’,~meaning it has bacon in it!  EVERYTHING!

I have not always been vegan.  I used to eat meat.  I used to prepare one of the ‘best freaking’ steaks you have ever heard of and eaten.  I could eat a whole plate of chicken wings without batting an eye.  I used to drink milk.  I loved cheese and Cheetos.  I wore leather boots and used a leather wallet.


I was awakened many years ago after visiting a poultry farm and a chicken producing factory for a well known chicken product manufacturing company.  I was horrified!  I got sick!  I cried!  I wanted to ‘steal’ as many of those chickens that I could and take them far away from that horrible hell and let them free.

I watched ‘Earthlings‘ and again, I cried and got sick!

I tried changing my ways.  I really tried.  I gave up beef, pork, chicken, turkey.  I donated my boots to a thrift store.  I gave away all my leather jackets, belts, and shoes.  There was only one problem…


It took me nearly 5 years to completely eliminate cheese from my diet.  There were hardly an alternative back then (10 years ago).  Today, however, we are blessed to have some wonderful companies producing some of the best, tastiest, delicious alternatives.

Same goes for clothing.  There are some awesome companies producing shoes, boots, purses, jackets, etc that would fool the best fashionistas.

When I first started adopting the vegan lifestyle, I searched for reviews of product before I purchased them.  I had to buy things online because again, I do not live in the most progressive area in terms of understanding the vegan lifestyle.  It was hard to find reviews of products that were honest and straightforward.  That is why I created this site.  I want to give back to all those that helped me along the way, and to show friends and family and others that there ARE alternatives out there (mostly local as well) and you do not need to be afraid to try these alternative things.

I just hope this site helps someone make that decision to go a bit further and buy a plant-based cheese, drink a nut-based milk, and wear a hemp belt.  Even if it is just one person…I’ll be happy.