Month: January 2018

Harvest Snaps Habanero Crisps Review

Oh snap!  Harvest Snaps Habanero Crisps made with Black Beans!  UMM HMM.  Black Beans, Yo! What can I say? Firstly, these summabitches have a kick!  Not particularly at first, but when you swallow, count up to about 5 seconds, then you will feel it!  PHEW! I love me some hot/spicy/burning snacks sometimes and these bastards…
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The Beyond Burger Featured

Beyond Burger Review

The Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat 
Image courtesy of Beyond Meat. I have been waiting for some time to not only eat this veggie based burger, but to give you my honest opinion of it. I have been following the Beyond Meat brand for some time, and have been a big fan of their products…
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Lightlife Smoky Tempeh Strips Review

Lightlife Smoky Tempeh strips.  Love-em! “Another Lightlife review?”, you ask.  Yeah!  They make good stuff!  Last night, Kristie and I were feeling like a “BLT”, in this case…a “TLTA” (tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and avocado).  Not only was I craving something smoky, but I was in the mood for a sammich with some avocado, hence the…
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Dr. McDougall’s Root Veg with Kale Soup Review

Dr. McDougall’s Root Veggie with Kale Soup!  Food made by a doctor?  Hell…it’s got to be good, huh?  I’m not sure why so many other doctors are not owners, C.E.O.s, C.T.O.s, H.B.O.s, D.T.O.s…or any other acronym ending in “O”. Wasn’t it Hippocrates himself that said, He was right.  and so is Dr. McDougall!  Honsetly, more…
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Gimme Lean Veggie Sausage Review

Gimme Lean®…not Jimmy Dean®. Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE! Put some —–‘ syrup on my —– SAUSAGE! Give me that —-, I know you wanna —- my SAUSAGE! Sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau SAUSAGE! Sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau SAUSAGE! The above is some of the lyrics from a terrible song you can find on the Tubes of You.  Look it up if you…
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Earth Balance Cheddar Flavor Squares Review

Who doesn’t remember growing up eating those crunchy, cheesy, cheddary, little squares?…at least those my age. I’m not going to mention their name, but they have like a million flavors now. I see parents feeding them to their kids all the time! I see them carrying them around in lil pouches along with their little…
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Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Noodle Bowl Review

Good Ole, Annie Chun’s! Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Noodle Bowl, to be exact. I just got out of a meeting at work, and on the way back to my office, heard the announcement that Taco Momma® was now serving in our break-room.  I thought about it for…like a second…and remembered the last time I paid a…
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Hippeas™ Organic Chickpea Puffs Review

Remember these? Photo courtsey of Chris and or Kevin @ Flickr We all do!  Before I was vegan, I used to grab a bag of ‘cheesy poofs’ every time I was at the store. I love those things!  The nasty orange dust left on the fingers after consuming Cheetos® actually got a spot in Urban…
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Bobo’s Bites Review

Bobo’s Bites…more like Nono’s Bites! We saw these at Publix last night…and of course the word “vegan” on the front got me interested.  And…I love me some lemon poppy seed…anything!  So let give it a try? I had high hopes for this product. Vegan Gluten-Free Non-GMO Soy Free It smelled nice.  Just like fresh-cut lemons. …
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Vegan Cheesesteak?

This is what I am talking about.